BOGOF Sidcup

Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf, Sidcup

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Hello there adventurer

Fellow explorers, I have an exciting announcement…there are dinosaurs in these Sidcup lands!
Explore the perilous lands encapsulated by the fiery mists of the Jurassic’s past, on two thrilling, outdoor 18-hole golf courses for some rip-roaring family fun. A destination where there is no safe passage, even for the most experienced adventurers, as ferocious eyes of devilish dinosaurs will be watching your every move as you wander through at your own peril.

BEWARE: all 36 holes flow through furious rapids and perilous obstacles… make sure you bring only your most trusted companions! If you make it back alive (don’t worry, the vast majority of adventurers do), scrumptious scran and cheeky tipples are available in our glorious new coffee house, not to mention the most dastardly devilish ice creams in the entire lost world! Searching for a unique experience for both young and experienced adventures alike? 

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Midweek BOGOF

Treat yourself to two games of adventure golf for the price of one!

Available Monday – Thursday until 5pm. Valid for one person.

Walk in payment only. Not available in school holidays.


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