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Well my friends, the Lost World journey continues and will explode into reality this October. This will be my most extravagant venue to date, showcasing my wildest of adventures through the unknown elements of planet earth. It will be a land where the jungle meets the deep blue sea, where historic ruins protect the shadows of terrifying monsters and Jurassic creatures and where 36 holes weave through perilous obstacles. Hidden treasures will be found amongst two mesmerising UV Rooms, and a centre piece that will grab everyone’s attention. I have decided to bring all of my mysterious memories to life through the art of food and drink where my superb bar and restaurant will be the perfect way to top of your day or evening. We will be open late, so any of your brave adults are welcome to bring friends and your loved ones to enjoy a beverage or two with me, the main man Mr Mulligan. See you soon people.


The ‘Neptune’s Mist’ course will be shut on Saturday 9th December from 7-9pm due to a function. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

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