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Well hello my intrepid friend!

Mr Mulligan here, awaiting your company on a golfing adventure. Do you have your wits about you? Very good, very good. It’s going to be a thrilling journey, my friend, riddled with danger and dastardly obstacles. Bring friends! Bring family! Bring small people! The more the merrier. And, of course, there is safety in numbers... I cannot wait to embark on a marvellous expedition with you. There may be treasure, there may be monsters. There will most certainly be fun! And if I say skedaddle? Why, then, we must skedaddle at once! Heaven knows we must not take a thrashing from a hideous creature... Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a plucky young pioneer, I know you’ll be perfect for the challenge. Join me at your nearest course without delay! Everyone is welcome and all courses are accessible for wheelchairs and buggies.

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Ahoy there me hearties! I’ve been exploring and come across some spiffingly splendid adventures that I think you might enjoy. Come, follow me to a pirates’ paradise.

Castleford Milton Keynes Nottingham Woking

Fellow explorers, I have an exciting announcement…there are dinosaurs in these lands! Come see for yourself if you are brave enough

Sidcup Tonbridge

Well my friends, I’ve discovered a Lost World Golf adventure like no other, take a deep breath and dive right in

Cheltenham Stevenage

Welcome my intrepid universe explorer! Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure?

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Grrrrrrrrrrooaaringgg good fun!

Dinosaurs have to be one of the most fascinating stories from this captivating universe we live in. Oh you think they weren’t real? Well let me show you what really happened through a game of adventure Golf in Sidcup or Tonbridge.

My Jurassic memories have been carved through 18-hole outdoor adventure golf courses so far but I have only just scratched the surface with what really happened. Dinosaurs also live under water, in caves and in the sky so who knows what next adventure will be added to the portfolio.

We all love Dinosaurs, so why not scatter them across the land to create the perfect family day out. Looking for things to do with the family and friends? Look no further.

Gulp! That is a shark!

My adventures are not always outdoors and some of the most frightening of journeys have been under the sea and in caves like no other. These creatures leave you gasping for air as you stay silent and do your best to not get noticed.

As I look back on my past, it leaves me no choice but to continue to demonstrate these eye-catching memories through the Lost World. The adventure must continue with Food and Beverage, no explorer can survive without this. We must therefore build more adventure golf courses with restaurants and bars.

Expect to see some new indoor venues with the whole shebang of glorious recollections. Perfect for evening activities, nights out and group parties whether you are celebrating a special occasion or a corporate work do. Rain or shine, this adventure continues.