Childrens Party Milton Keynes

Newcastle Schools and Clubs

What better way to let off steam, than jumping into a spaceship and travelling across the galaxy? Loosen up the tie, tighten your laces and fall into a world of mystery and mischief. What better way to celebrate than through a game or 2 of adventure golf?

Show the school pals who is boss through stormy skies, showcasing your golfing skills and compete for hole in ones throughout this 27-hole complex.

Watch your step though adventurer, extra-terrestrial creatures will be lurking in the hidden crevices!

Grab an astronaut helmet and take one big step for man, overcoming those obscure obstacles.

Packages can include:

  • 9, 18 or 27 holes
  • Ice cream Sundaes
  • Hot or cold food
  • Certificates and invitations

For a full pricing breakdown, please contact us directly.