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Mr Mulligan here, your companion and guide on this wondrous adventure. I do hope you enjoy my story to date… as this is just the beginning.

Papa always told me that monsters, pirates and dinosaurs were not real.
I had to prove him wrong, prove myself right that terrifying creatures, eye-boggling locations and hidden treasure were waiting for an explorer like me to find…

Oh guess what, I found them, I found everything. It is too difficult to write these memories down or draw them on paper so I decided to replicate them through the art of ADVENTURE GOLF.

After spending years travelling the stormy seas… it left me no choice but to show the everyday folk what pirate life was really like…


18-holes of torturous landscape and frightening traps, built on the grounds of a great golf centre

2014 J32 Outlet…

The first 36 hole adventure, riddled with dangerous pirates, perilous obstacles and eye-catching features. Built in the centre of an outlet shopping centre…

Hoebridge 2012…

The missing puzzle piece of the golf centre… 18 holes of outdoor creations with UV room and specialist rafts

2014 Ramsdale

The last Pirate stop… the fourth and final pirate memory shared through 18 holes of ferocious terrain riddled with danger…

I even travelled back in time to find mysteries of Jurassic proportions!

2016 Sidcup

Welcome to the Jurassic… Proof that dinosaurs were alive… 36 hole adventure through a dinosaur encounter surrounded by deep water and hazardous traps….

Not everything I saw was outdoors… Enter the unknown, enter the Lost World…

2016 Stevenage

Not everything I saw was outdoors…. Enter the unknown, enter the Lost World. The first indoor venue, encapsulated by the most fascinating, eye-catching UV rooms, under water features and unearthly creatures. 36 holes supported with a bar and restaurant for those fearless humans…

The Dinosaurs are coming alive… A barrage of dinosaurs have hatched and are hiding amongst the shrubbery on an 18 hole course riddled with danger.

2017 Tonbridge

The Dinosaurs are coming alive…. A barrage of dinosaurs have hatched and are hiding amongst the shrubbery on an 18 hole course riddled with danger. The latest memory is a superb day out with the family, friends or as a couple..
The memories do not stop there…..

The Adventures don’t stop there! Blasting off soon is a whole new Adventure Golf Experience. Watch this space for more news!