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The Story of Mr Mulligan

MSlide4thmr Mulligan here, your companion and guide on this wondrous adventure. I do hope you’re in fine fettle, my friend?

Oh, you want to know about me? Let me see now. Well, since boy-hood I’ve been a keen explorer, traversing oceans, space and time in search of marvellous sights, precious treasure, hideous monsters and gloriously exciting adventures.slide2thm

With Doug the dog by my side, we’ve travelled through time in our sub, packing a club, encountering pirates and sharks, mermaids, dinosaurs and more, and gotten ourselves into all sorts of mischief and merrymaking! The tales of wonder and peril I could share with you! Have a look at a few of my newspaper clippings for a few!

I’m an ardent adventure golfer, of course, and love nothing more than a social putt. It’s terrific fun when you join me, especially when you bring your cronies, sweethearts, scallywags, ruffians and rascals.

The more the merrier, say I! My Adventure Golf courses encourage jovial competition and thrilling jaunts out with friends and family, where you can embark upon the most wondrous adventures into the land of the Pirates, the Lost World, or even the Jurassic times!

Slide3thmI find there’s nothing like swinging a club to blow away cobwebs and knock boredom into a cocked hat.
And when my adventures are over for the day I enjoy retiring with scrumptious scran. Refreshments are vital in keeping up an adventurer’s spirits, so my Adventure Golf courses offer hearty fare and drinks you’ll be pleased to bend an elbow for.

But why am I rambling? What a chump! It’s time for you to see all this for yourself. We have adventures to undertake, my friend. Marvellous discoveries to make. Follow me, follow me…

mr mulligan