Junction 32 Outlet Village, Castleford

Junction 32 Outlet Village, Castleford

  • 10am - 6pm Mon-Sat
    11am - 5pm Sun.

    Last entry 45 mins before close
  • 2 x 18 hole courses
  • Cabin shop
  • Local eateries
  • Parties
  • Gift Shop
  • WF10 4FR
  • 01977 550030 01977 550030

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Junction 32 Outlet Village, Castleford Prices

Under 3
Over 60
£7.50 £4.50 £2.00 £5.00
2 adults and 2 children 18 holes £20.00
2 adults and 3 children or 1 adult and 4 children 18 holes £24.00
Corporate starting from
Party packages starting from
Under 3 years
Juniors 4-16 years

Ahoy there, me hearty! Arrrr you ready for a swashbuckling adventure? Then it’s time to follow me to Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf in Castleford. There you can play two rip-roaringly adventurous 18-hole out-of-doors courses at Skull Cove and Smugglers’ Bay. BEWARE: all 36 holes are riddled with peril and dastardly traps…

If you make it back alive (don’t worry, my friend, the vast majority of adventurers do), food, drink and even toys are available at The Cabin to reward yourselves for making it through.

The geographical coordinates of this Castleford adventure are splendid too: within Junction 32 where just a short stroll away and you’ll find shops selling all sorts of trinkets and caboodle…

Everyone is welcome and all Mr Mulligan’s Adventure Golf courses are accessible for wheelchairs and buggies.

Mr Mulligan’s Pirate Golf, Junction 32 Outlet Village, Tomahawk Trail, Glasshoughton, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 4FR.


Adventure awaits you in Castleford

Two 18-hole outside adventures await your brave self at my Pirate Golf in Castleford. Every hole has an easy route for little land lubbers, and a trickier way through for those of us who embrace the seven seas.

Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, my friend … there are many dangers which may scupper your quest.

We must be prepared for an encounter with Florence, a ferocious giant octopus. We will wend our way through Croc Falls, where sharp and hungry jaws keenly await the unaware. We will keep our eyes and ears open to landslides and falling rocks, and proceed carefully so we don’t come a cropper to the Idiots’ Maze.

And, whatever you do, my friend, DO NOT meet the deadly stare of Hissing Rick, the most horrifying serpent to have slithered these lands.

But wobbling wormholes, what am I thinking?! I am never one to dampen the fun by revealing too much about the path ahead. I will say no more and trust you will join me at your earliest convenience for this terrifically piratey adventure.

Pirate Golf is a great afternoon activity or family day out for all ages especially during those Easter, Summer and Christmas Holidays.

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